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American Heartworm Society

Agonizing to treat!  Easy to Prevent! 


Is Your Dog Protected?
a video from the American Heartworm Society

The American Heartworm Society provides information on preventing, diagnosing and treating canine  heartworm disease. They are the authority on heartworm information.   Please click on their link for more information.

The Facts about Heartworm Diease from the FDA  can  be found at this link that provides a good summary on heartworm disease in dogs, cats, and ferrets.

FDA Recommends Year Round Heartworm Prevention

Info& Recommendations on Heartworm from the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC)

Dogs in the Northwest Indiana area should be on heartworm prevention once monthly all year round!  Year round administration is important for many reasons.  We recommend the use of Heartgard Plus to prevent Heartworm Disease AND the zoonotic (contagious to humans) intestinal parasites called Roundworms and Hookworms.  Heartgard Plus comes as a very tasty beef flavored chewable that most dogs love as a monthly "treat"! Click the link to learn more about HEARTGARD PLUS and the parasites it prevents.


Heartworm Video:  A serious story told with a hilarious style!  Learn how heartworm lives its life inside a dog! 
(we apologize for the few "bad words" that our Hungarian Narrator utters as he describes the devastation caused by the heartworm)

Deer Run Animal Hospital also offers other safe and effective monthly heartworm preventatives such as Trifexis and TriHeart Plus.  Please ask our staff for more information on these alternatives.