Deer Run Animal Hospital

308 E. US Hwy 30
Schererville, IN 46375


Veterinary Services at Deer Run Animal Hospital

We offer a variety of veterinary services within our hospital to help accommodate the needs of your pet at every stage of their life.  The goal of our veterinarians and staff is to provide comprehensive care and treatment that meets recommended veterinary guidelines, client education, and is tailored to your pet's individual needs.  


Pet Wellness and Preventative Care


Providing your pet with routine wellness and preventative care they need can keep them healthy and detect diseases early. Our wellness plans offer essential veterinary services that are important to your pets overall health and wellness including exams, vaccinations, and testing.  Preventative care is the key to better health for you pet as they age a lot faster then we do.  These plans are designed to help make preventative care affordable.


Puppy, Kitten, & Newly Adopted Pets


It is important to get your new puppy, kitten, or adopted pet started off on the right paw with our caring staff.  We will provide a full physical exam to make sure they are healthy and ,make sure they get their preventative care started.


Veterinary Diagnostics, Surgery, & In-House Pharmacy


When your pet requires specialized care and treatment options, we are here to help.  Our hospital offers veterinary diagnostics, radiology, and more.  We also provide a wide range of common veterinary surgeries and have an in-house pharmacy that is stocked with most of the medications or veterinarians will prescribe.  We also utilize an online pharmacy for the medications we do not carry.


Pet Dental Care


Cats and dogs need regular dental care at home and professionally just like humans do.  We can assist you with caring for your pet's dental health.


Boarding & Spa Days


Whether you are going on vacation or leaving for a long day at work, we offer a safe, secure, and clean pet boarding environment.  We also offer spa days to make sure your pet is nice and clean for you!