Deer Run Animal Hospital

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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

We have collected our most frequently asked questions and put them into alphabetical order for easy access.

AGING & SENIOR PETS  How can we help them live longer & happier lives?

ALLERGIC DOGS & CATS  I think my pet might have allergies, where can I learn what are the signs, how are pet allergies treated.

ARTHRITIS IN OUR PETS  How can I treat my pet's pain and stiffness?

BEHAVIOR CENTER - CATS My cats are not getting along, we are having scratching & litter box issues, where can I find help?

BEHAVIOR CENTER - DOGS How can I train my dog and prevent unruly behavior?

BEHAVIOR SPECIALIST REFERRALS  My veterinarian is recommending a Veterinary Behavior Specialist work with me to help my pet with behavior problems, where do I find a Behavior Specialist?

BEHAVIOR TIPS FOR KITTENS  Can you help me get my kitten started in the right way?

BEHAVIOR TIPS FOR PUPPIES  Where can I find some help on housebreaking my puppy and other puppy training issues?

BITE PREVENTION  I am worried about my child.  How can I keep my child and my pet safe, how can we prevent bites?

BLOOD TEST RESULTS Can you explain to me what all those blood test results mean?

CALORIE CONTENTS OF PET FOODS  I am trying to figure out how much to feed my pet, how many calories are in my pet's food?

CALORIE REQUIREMENTS FOR CATS  How much should I feed my cat each day?

CALORIE REQUIREMENTS FOR DOGS  How much should I feed my dog each day?

CANNED FOOD FOR CATS  What's all this fuss about canned food for cats, why is it the healthiest diet for our feline friends?

CARE CREDIT  I am interested in applying for a credit payment plan, how do I do this?

CAT CARRIERS My cat hates getting in its carrier!  How can I make this easier?

CATS & WATER My vet says my kitty needs to drink more, how can I accomplish that?

CHEW TOYS & FOOD TOYS  What do you recommend?

CHILDREN & DOGS  How can I make sure kids and dogs are getting along together?

CHOOSING A NEW PET I am looking for a new pet, I need some advice on how to find the right pet.

CLICKER TRAINING  What is Clicker Training and how does it teach pets?

COMPOUNDING PHARMACIES  I can't give my cat pills, is there another way? Compounding pharmacies are the answer!  They can specially formulate medications into flavored liquids, tablets, and transdermals.

COUPONS  Do you have any coupons for new client visits?

CONTACT US  How can I contact Deer Run Animal Hospital?  Where are you located?

CRITICAL CARE My vet recommends my pet  go to a Critical Care/Speciality Center, where do I go?

DAP (Adaptil) FOR Dogs  What is DAP (now called Adaptil) for Dogs, how can it help relieve anxiety in my dog?

DERMATOLOGY SPECIALISTS  My pet has severe skin allergies and is in need of a specialist, where can I go in our area for this care?

DIGGING IN THE YARD  How can I stop my dog from digging holes in the backyard?

DOCTORS AT DEER RUN  I would like to know more about the Doctors at this practice.

DOG FRIENDLY VET VISITS  My dog gets frightened every time I bring her to the vet, is there something that can help?

DOG STAR DAILY  I need some help training my puppy/dog.  Where can I find examples of the best way to train?

DOG TRAINING  Where can I find resources on positive dog training methods.

DoggoneSafe  Click to learn about a great program for children to prevent dog bites!

DOGGY NAIL TRIMS  I don't want my dog to be distressed by nail trims, what can I do?

DRUG INFORMATION  Our Pet Library not only contains information on medical conditions, it also has information on many of the drugs we prescribe.  Search the library by typing in the name of the drug you are looking for!

EAR INFECTIONS  Otitis Externa:  A common problem in dogs

THE EASY WALK HARNESS  My dog pulls me during walks and chokes on his collar.  Is there a way to prevent this? 

EMERGENCIES Where can my pet receive care when you are closed?

ENVIRONMENTAL ENRICHMENT FOR CATS  How to make your home happy and stress free for your cats!

EXERCISE TIPS for dogs & cats.  My pet needs to lose weight, how can I encourage my pet to exercise more?

FACEBOOK Can I find Deer Run Animal Hospital on Facebook?

FACEBOOK CONTEST  How can I enter and win?

FASTING Should my pet "fast" before coming to an appointment? Why is "fasting" important?

FEEDING GUIDELINES  How much should I feed my pet?



FELINE INTRODUCTIONS I am getting a new cat, how can I introduce him to my other cats?

FELINE SCRATCHING BEHAVIOR My cat is ruining my furniture, is there anything I can do?

FELINE VIRAL DISEASES  I am confused by all the viruses that cats get with alphabet soup like names such as FeLV, FIV, FIP, and those that cause respiratory disease.  Where can I learn more about these?

FELIWAY FOR CATS  What is Feliway, how does it relieve anxiety in cats?

FLEAS & TICKS  Do I really need to worry about fleas & ticks, my pet barely goes outside?


FOOD-WHAT FOOD SHOULD I FEED?  There are so many options at the pet store, what is best?

FOOD TOYS  My vet is recommending food dispensing toys for my pet, what does she mean?

GASTROINTESTINAL (GI) DISEASES IN CATS  If a cat has symptoms of vomiting, weight loss, poor appetite, or diarrhea.  What could be wrong?

GRIEF SUPPORT  I am struggling with the loss of my pet, I need to find support and understanding.

HEAD HALTERS  My dog jumps and pulls excessively, I need a humane way to get better control.

HEALTH INFORMATION FOR CATS  Cats seem to have lots of unique diseases, where can I learn more about them?

HEART DISEASE IN DOGS My dog has a heart murmur and I would like to know more about heart disease in dogs.

HEART DISEASE IN CATS  What kind of heart disease do cats usually get?

HEARTWORM IN CATS  Do cat's really get heartworm, does my cat need a preventative?

HEARTWORM IN DOGS  Is my dog at risk?Why do I need to give prevention all year round?

HEAT STROKE  Can heat stroke really happen to my dog?

HOUSETRAINING  How can I get my puppy (or adult dog) housetrained?

INSURANCE FOR PETS  Do I need it?  How do I find the best policy for my pet?

INTERVERTEBRAL DISC DISEASE (IVDD)  My dog is acting painful and doesnt want to move or jump, could this be intervertebral disc disease?

INTESTINAL PARASITES  How can we prevent and treat them?

INTRODUCING CATS I am getting a new cat, how can I introduce him to my other cats?

ITCHY & SCRATCHY PETS Why do pets do this?  How can I find relief for my pet?

KIDNEY DISEASE  My pet has been diagnosed with kidney disease, what can we do to help?

KIDS & DOGS  What steps can I do to keep kids and dogs safe?

KONG WOBBLER I have heard about the Kong, what is this Wobbler all about?

LAWN BURN  I think my dog's urine is turning my grass brown, is there something wrong with my dog?   What can I do?

LAMENESS & ARTHRITIS  My pet is exhibiting lameness, what could cause this, could this be arthritis?

LEARN TO EARN PROGRAM  How can I start training my puppy or solve behavior problems in my older dog?

LEPTOSPIROSIS  Why should I worry about this disease, should I vaccinate my dog for Lepto?

LIBRARY  I want to research my pet's symptoms and problems in the Pet Library.

LITTERBOX PROBLEMS  My cat is not using the litter box, what is causing this?

LIPOMAS  My dog has a fatty lump, what does that mean?

LOOSE LEASH WALKING  My Dog is ripping my arm out my socket & I no longer enjoy walking him.  How can I stop all the pulling?

MEDICATING CATS  I cant get my kitty to take his pills and liquid medications, can you help?

MICROCHIPS  Do you place microchips on pets and how do they work?

MUSIC TO CALM DOGS  I have heard that there are music CDs that can help lessen my dog's anxious behavior.

MUZZLES  How can I get my dog to accept a muzzle without being so upset?

NAIL TRIMS FOR CATS Can I learn to trim my cat's nails at home?

NAIL TRIMS FOR DOGS  I want to learn how to trim my dog's nails, can you give me some tips?

NO-PULL FRONT CLIP HARNESSES  My dog pulls me during walks and chokes on his collar.  Is there a way to prevent this? 

NOISE & STORM PHOBIAS What can I do about my dog's fear of Fireworks & Thunder?

NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE TRAINING How can I start teaching my puppy basic manners or solve behavior problems in my older dog? 

NEUTERING  Why is it so important?

NUTRITION EXPERTS  Everyone I know is giving me advice on what to feed my pet, who should I listen to?

NUTRITION FACTS  How do I know what type of pet food my pet needs?

ON-LINE PHARMACY  I like the convenience & economy of on-line shopping & home delivery, do you provide this service?

PAYMENT PLAN  The economy is tough right now, do you offer a payment plan?

POISONED PETS  What should I do if I think my pet has ingested something poisonous?

PHEROMONATHERAPY  What is it?  How can it help my pet?

PRESCRIPTION DIETS  My vet is recommending a prescription diet for my pet.  How do I order this food, how can I learn more about it?

PUPPY CLASSES  Does Deer Run hold puppy classes?  Yes!  We have Puppy Start Right Puppy Preschool Classes!

PUPPY PROBLEMS  I need even more help training my puppy, where can I find more information on my puppy's problems.

RECALLS  How can I find out if my pet's food has been recalled.

REFILLS OF DRUGS & DIETS  I need to request a refill on my pet's medication or prescription diet, can I do that on-line?

SCRACTHING IN CATS  How can I control destructive scratching in my cat?

SEIZURES I think my dog is having seizures, what does this mean? Can we treat him?

SEPARATION ANXIETY  Help!  My dog is hurting himself and destroying my home when I am gone, what can I do?

SPAYING & NEUTERING  Is spaying & neutering really important?  Why should I do this?

SPECIALISTS  My vet wants to refer my pet to a Specialist, where do I go?

SPREAD THE WORD!  I liked your services, how can I refer my friends?

STORM & NOISE PHOBIAS  How can I relieve my dog's fear of loud noises?

SURGICAL FAQs I have concerns about anesthesia and surgery, can you explain more what will happen during my pet's surgery?

THROUGH A DOG'S EAR  Can music really calm my dog?  Yes, it can lessen anxiety in many dogs!

THUNDERSHIRT  I heard Deer Run now carries The Thundershirt, how can it help decrease my dog's anxiety?

TICKS & FLEAS  How can I prevent ticks, what diseases do they spread?

TICK REMOVAL  How do I remove a tick from my pet, what should I do if my pet has ticks?

TOUR DEER RUN ANIMAL HOSPITAL  What do things look like behind the scenes?

TRAVELING WITH PETS What do I need to know to make the trip stress free for my pet?

URINATION OUT OF THE LITTERBOX  Help!  My cat is not peeing in his litter box!

VACCINATIONS  What vaccinations does my pet need?

VIRAL DISEASES OF CATS I have heard that cats get these weird viruses with confusing alphabetical names like FeLV, FIV, FIP, can you explain more about these viruses?

WATER FOR CATS  My cat needs to drink more water, how can I encourage him to drink more?

WELLNESS TESTING My vet recommends wellness blood tests, why are they important?

WEIGHT LOSS  I need to get my pet to lose weight, what can I do?