Deer Run Animal Hospital

308 E. US Hwy 30
Schererville, IN 46375


At Deer Run Animal Hospital we are a team and a family.  We all have great passion for what we do!!  Everyone who works here does so with devotion and dedication to helping pets and families!   Our work is so much more than just a job!  We treat our patients as if they were our very own!  We all understand the value of our pets in our lives and in our families. 

Teamwork makes a difference!



Mikey--House Cat and Ambassador of Very Important Kitty Kat Matters - I am a very lucky cat! I was all grown up and for some reason I do not not understand, I was left at an Animal Shelter. I spent many months there with other grown cats. We all wondered if we would ever go home. Then one day these cool girls from Deer Run Animal Hospital came to visit. They said I was SPECIAL!! I did my best to turn on my charms and tell them how much I wanted the love of a Forever Home. And a miracle happened! They took me to my new home at Deer Run Animal Hospital! They even gave me a job! It is a real important job. I am the Deer Run Animal Hospitial Ambassador of Very Important Kitty Kat Matters! I help them understand cat behavior and language! I am so glad I have a place in this world to call my own. Living at Deer Run Animal Hospital sure is Swell!



Beth--Veterinary Assistant:  I have always enjoyed working and spending time with animals.  I worked at South Suburban Humane Society for three years and also worked at a pet boarding facility before joining Deer Run Animal Hospital in 2006.  I am happy to gain the experience of working with animals in a hospital setting and join a team where everyone is committed to giving quality care. 

I share my home with three great cats and have two sweet horses, Jet and Josie, in my barn.  I believe that pets are a blessing and a part of the family.  In my spare time, I love going to flea markets and resale shops looking for treasures and bargains.  I also enjoy going to festivals and county fairs during the summer.



Chanell--Veterinary Assistant & Client Services Representative:  I am currently a student at Indiana University Northwest pursuing a career in Dental Hygiene. I have always had a passion for working with animals. During my first two years of college at Purdue in West Lafayette, I had a wonderful opportunity to be able to volunteer in Purdue's Veterinary Teaching Hospital caring for large animals and clients in the oncology ward. In May 2010 I began working at Deer Run Animal Hospital to continue to pursue this passion.  I started as a veterinary assistant and now also work at the front desk as a Client Services Representative. 

I love every minute of my job and since working here I have grown and learned so much about myself.  I never take a minute of my time here for granted.  I most enjoy the moments when I make eye contact with an animal I come across in the hospital and I see him/her looking back at me with appreciation, and the feeling is mutual!

In June 2009, I opened my home to a stray black and white kitten named "Bella".  She is most definitely the baby in my house and gets her way whenever she sees to it.  When she is not napping, I more than likely will find her sitting in the window trying to catch birds and squirrels passing by or even playing inside an empty cereal box. 

In the summer of 2002, my family and I rescued a black lab mix from the Hobart Humane Society.  Her name is "Pez" and she enjoys going for long walks, rides, and eating carrots, which are her favorite treats. 

Some of my other interests include baking, traveling, scrapbooking, spending time with my niece and learning about sea turtles.



Stephanie - Veterinary Assistant

I’m currently a veterinary assistant here at Deer Run, who hopes to work my way up to becoming a tech. I started here in April of 2016, knowing nothing about what is really done in animal hospitals. I was interested in the position because I was a certified medical assistant and thought that would really help me out in working with the animals here.

This job has truly changed my life for the better. I’m even more passionate about animals now than I ever was, and I have always loved animals.  I’ve grown so much from being here. Since starting here, I have taken in a six year old cat that was relinquished to me, her name is Dusty and she’s a cool kitty that everyone in my family adores. I also took in two four day old kittens that were abandoned. Sadly, they passed away. Since their death, I decided to take in another kitten, who, at the time,  was 11 weeks old. His name is Jensen and he’s the cuddliest kitten ever! I also have two other pets, I have a Pompoochi (Pomeranian, Poodle, Chihuahua mix) named Jasper and a rabbit named George.

Aside from my fur babies, I also have a human baby! His name is Shane and he’s the best kid. He’s loved me working here because he gets to come here and see the office kitties. He’s shown so much interest in animals lately which makes me incredibly happy.