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Preventative care is the key to better health for your pet as they age a lot faster than we do.  Why does your pet need preventative care?  Preventative care can help set the foundation for a lifetime of good health, so you and your furry family member can spend more quality years together.  It's essential for detecting diseases early on, before they become more serious and more expensive.


Our wellness plans can help save you money on the total cost of preventative care.  Best of all, the plans feature a budget-friendly monthly payment option making it easy to manage your pet's health.  

What's included in our plans:

  • UNLIMITED FREE physical exams 
  • Core vaccinations as recommended by our veterinarians
  • Annual Early Detection Blood work and fecal test
  • Additional medical services included in plan varies based on life stage and species, such as deworming, heartworm test, blood pressure check
  • Optional add-ons spay & neuter, puppy start right program with Liz, microchip, dental cleaning, preventative chest x-rays

We offer puppy with or without spay or neuter, canine adult or senior as well as kitten with or without spay or neuter, feline adult or senior.  Our veterinarians and staff will help get your pet on the right package!


Please note that these plans are NOT pet health insurance.  They are designed to help make preventative care more affordable for pet owners.  


There are several pet health insurance companies out there that can assist you in further medical coverage.  These pet health insurance companies  were ranked in the top 10 of 2018.  We recommend you doing some research and choosing the company and plan fits the best for you and your pet.