Veterinary Diagnostics & X-Rays

Vet examining cat
Veterinary diagnostics can allow us to help your pet with comprehensive and convenient care.  Whether we are running diagnostics as a preventative care or helping in diagnosing what is wrong with your pet, we have options to assist with them.


Pipette adding fluid to one of several test tubes
Our in-house laboratory allows us to diagnose your pet faster and begin most treatments immediately in most cases.  Our facility combined with an off-site commercial laboratory, provides chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis, parasite testing, cytology, and other specialized diagnostics and consultations.


X-ray of dog foot
Our onsite digital x-ray machine provides high quality x-rays to aid in quicker diagnosis for your pet.  We also have certified veterinary radiologists that we utilize in some case to ensure we have the best interpretation and diagnosis of your pet's x-rays.  We also offer preventative 3 view chest x-rays that are also an optional add-on with our preventative wellness plans.

Internal Medicine

Cute and endearing ginger cat rolling and looking out from the top of the stairs
When your pet isn't feeling well, our doctors are here help.  We offer comprehensive medical services to help with allergies, zoonotic infections, and in between.

Our veterinarians can help diagnose your pet's health problem, and get them to a path of good health again. For more advanced cases, Deer Run Animal Hospital maintains a network of referral specialists, from ultrasounds to cardiologists.

Everything check out our packages that offer early detection blood work, screenings, & preventative x-rays.