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Puppy and Kitten Care

Toy terrier puppy between kittens
Get your new family member started off on the right paw with our caring veterinarians and staff. We will go through any medical history that was given to you and make sure they are started on their preventative care.
  • A full thorough physical examination will be performed to make sure they are healthy.
  • Our veterinarians and staff will discuss vaccinations and schedule with you.
  • Preventative heartworm along with flea and tick prevention will be explained and started depending on age and size of pet.
  • Spay and Neuter recommendations.
We offer wellness packages to help make it more affordable for your new puppy or kitten. Our Puppy Plus and Kitten Plus packages include the spay or neuter with a low monthly payment along with pre-operative vaccinations, fecal screening, and more!

Newly Adopted Pets

Adorable Cute Blue Merle Border Collie Puppy Laying And Watching The Sky
Have your newly adopted furry family member checked out with us! Our veterinarians will make sure they are healthy and verify with their medical history what preventative care they may still need.
  • A full thorough physical examination will be performed to make sure they healthy.
  • Our veterinarians will discuss any vaccinations that may still need to be done.
  • Preventative medications and care will be discussed.
Depending on the age of your adopted pet we have different wellness plan options for them!